The world we live in has changed. How business is done has changed. How results are measured has changed. It’s time to take a close look at this brave new world. No time for excuses. No time for status quo. And no time or patience for a “make it up as you go” approach to business.

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We start the conversation. Ask the tough questions. Get the dialogue started. Uncover the issues. And start the ball rolling. We offer our clients a variety of services and capabilities, all of which can be customized to meet your current – and emerging needs.

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TG-P10 a program focused on collecting all of the relevant information about our clients in order to begin a thorough evaluation and assessment of your current situation, barriers, goals, and forecasts. What we’re looking for is your true culture – your exposure to your own -- as well as your client’s industries -- and your responsiveness to the imminent changes ahead.

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Reinventing selling for breakthrough results

This book will introduce new, fresh tactics that will bring fun, pride, and consistent results back to selling. The Transformational QPQ Sales approach will give you a well-defined, systematic, and repeatable process that will raise your sales to a new level. 

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Transformation Group is a catalyst to spark a transition in results. Our team of experts takes a through investigative approach to all aspects of your business. If needed, we act as an immersive force to work with you and your team to dramatically realign your business processes and refine your marketing and sales strategies. Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation to explore the possibilities how we can help you.  It might be time to, redefine, rework, reposition, rediscover, to improve the results you are getting.

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The world we live in has changed. How business is done has changed. Markets are constantly changing.  All aspects of selling successful selling needs to change too. Down load this free whitepaper and be enlightened how relationship selling has changed. This whitepaper will change how you interact and approach prospects, thus changing the results you are experiencing.


Selling Value Sample

Robert Beck is renowned and sought after international speaker, best-selling author, and  sales expert. He has over thirty years of experience in creating, expanding, and running organizations with an unsurpassed record of accomplishment. Having been on the ground floor with three self-funded start-ups as a senior executive and led their growth through IPO, Robert is truly a unique resource. Robert is a former board member of publicly traded software firm and has been an executive partner to several firms around the world.   He is founder and CEO the Transformation Group a dedicated professional development firm that offers training, speaking, and consulting all geared to help organizations. Click below for an mp3 sample of Selling Value.